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Honing Stone

    1. Super Abrasive Honing Stone

      Super abrasive stone, also known as a honing stick, described here is specifically designed for Sunnen honing machines. The honing equipment has different series of honing stones that can finish different types of bores with different bore diameters.

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    1. Custom Honing StoneNot only can we provide abrasive honing stones for Sunnen honing equipment, we can also offer custom honing stones for other brand name honing equipment, such as Hagel, Gerhing, Nissin and others.

Honing stones are also commonly referred to as an abrasive stone, honing abrasive or hone and is an advanced finishing tool that is mounted on a honing machine to produce various high precision metal pieces. This honing tool features a high cutting efficiency and high machining precision. Work pieces manufactured using it generally have a longer service life, precise geometry, and an excellent surface roughness, making it suitable for efficient and strong honing processing in the modern machinery manufacturing industry.

As a major honing tool manufacturer and supplier, honing stones we provide include diamond honing stones and CBN honing stones that come in a variety of specifications and can work with a number of different honing machines. When honing small bores, our honing stone enables a circular and cylindrical degree of 0.5μm. When honing medium bores, the circular degree reaches up to 5μm. To better satisfy customer requirements, we can also customize honing stones.

Hongtuo’s honing stones are suited for machining equipment used to hone the following work pieces.

Work piece materials 1. All kinds of steels, including alloy tool steel, heat resistant steel, chrome steel, die steel, and others
2. Cast iron
3. Hard alloy
4. Glass ceramic semiconductor
5. Nonferrous metals
6. More
Bore types 1. Open holes with no interruptions
2. Open holes with keyway or splines
3. Open holes with tandem lands
4. Blind holes