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Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheel (Diamond Wheel, CBN Grinding Wheel)

The vitrified grinding wheel comes in two different varieties: a diamond wheel and a CBN grinding wheel. Due to unique technology, we make the vitrified bond hold original crisp characteristics and hardness, and they come with a low grinding temperature, a high toughness and a great performance in maintaining abrasive properties, and feature excellent resistance to heat, oil, acid, water and alkali.

The vitrified bond diamond grinding wheelmade using this method can be used for grinding hard and crisp materials, such as die steel, hardened steel, cast iron, titanium alloy, iron group metals and more. Our vitrified bond CBN wheel is great for grinding hard alloys, optical lass, semi-conductor materials, agate, crystals, gems and more.

Hongtuo's vitrified bond grinding wheels are primarily used for precision CNC grinding machines such as Japan’s Toyota, Komatsu NTC, the German Junker, United States Landers, Korean AM, and German Pittwater grinding machines.

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The vitrified bond grinding wheel is suitable for high precision grinding on diametric planes or end faces of crankshafts and camshafts made of hardened steel, nitride steel, nodular cast iron, chilled cast iron, and more. The maximum linear speed of this super abrasive can reach up to 160m/s.

This type of vitrified bond grinding wheel with grooves is great for rotary vane compressors, vane pumps, pistons and other parts. The linear speed is 30m/s-100m/s. It can be matched with various types of CNC grinding machines.

This grinding wheel is used with high accuracy CNC internal grinding machines for the internal grinding of steering pumps, rotary vane compressor stators, piston refrigerant compressor bore holes and axle holes.

The CBN end face grinding wheel is mainly used for grinding end faces of automobile steering pump rotors and stators as well as rotary vane compressor rotors, valve plate and connecting rods. It is suited for CNC parallel surface grinding machines, such as the Korean AM and German Pittwater machines.

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