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Resin Bond Grinding Wheels (Diamond Wheel, CBN Grinding Wheel)

As a major manufacturer and supplier of diamond and CBN wheels, Hongtuo owns a large production line for producing resin bond grinding wheels at an annual production of 40,000 units each year. Our resin bond diamond and CBN wheels are available flat, cup shaped, bowl shaped, and a cylindrical shape. These bonded abrasive products can be used to sharpen cutters on various materials, slotting axis parts, cutting quartz and glass, grinding end faces, and the internal bore of metals.

These resin bond grinding wheels are suited for use in German Swiss, and Chinese grinding machines, and have garnered high praise among their users. When purchasing a Hongtuo grinding product, please inform us of the related information about your grinding machine and work pieces that will be machined, so that we may recommend the best abrasive tool for the project.

1. Excellent sensitivity, it is easy to recondition and reconditioning during use is unnecessary
2. It ensures a great surface finish accuracy.
3. The work piece will not be burned.
4. The wheels can work on a number of odd shapes.

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