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Metal Bond Grinding Wheels (Diamond Wheel, CBN Grinding Wheel)

Hongtuo is one of China’s leading grinding wheel manufacturers, and offers metal bond grinding wheels that are designed with a high wear resistance. This super abrasive grinding wheel comes with a superior form holding capability, higher strength, and a stronger toughness when compared to general grinding wheels. In addition, according to customer production requirements, we can provide metal bond diamond wheels or metal bond CBN grinding wheels.

1. This type of abrasive wheel uses premium diamond or CBN as the abrasive materials, and multiple metal micro powders as bonding agents, ensuring a great wear resistance, excellent abrasive particle holding ability and a long service life.
2. It is a great tool for hard and brittle materials such as glass, ferrites and more. This industrial grinding wheel also has an outstanding cutting ability
3. It can also be used as a dressing tool for vitrified bond CBN grinding wheels.

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