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Diamond Abrasive Blade

The HT-YB series diamond abrasive blade is one specific type of electroplated hub dicing blades we supply. It is a high-end diamond cutting tool designed using advanced technology and imported equipment. The diamond blade is made using an ultra-thin diamond wheel and a high precision aluminum alloy hub in a one-step molding and electroplating process.

This type of electrohub blade – also known as a diamond saw blade with hub — comes with a high cutting efficiency and a stable cutting quality. By adjusting the blade strength, negative results such as an S-shaped cutting and blade damage and be prevented.

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1. This dicing blade has a high toughness and precision, an ultra-thin body, a long service life, and is easy to operate.
2. It can carry out difficult bevel cutting and step cutting processes.
3. Blade changing and overall maintenance time has been reduced.
4. The diamond abrasive blade comes with a combination of multi-sized abrasive particles and different binding agents, in order to meet carious processing requirements.

Applications of the Diamond Abrasive Blade
Silicon (Si) wafer, Gallium Arsenide, Gallium Phosphide, and Gallium Arsenide Phosphide

1. Series
Hard blade-thin blade
2. Bond type
A Ultra soft
B Soft
C Hard
D Ultra hard
S Special
3. Diameter
A:OD Ø55.56    ID Ø19.05
B:OD Special   ID Ø19.05
4. Diamond grit size
5. Concentration ratio (Low-High)
6. Blade exposure
7. Kerf width

Range of Work
1. Kerf width 2. Blade exposure
Comparison table of Blade Thickness and Blade Exposure
  Kerf width Blade exposure
mm 0.380~0.510 0.510~0.640 0.640~0.760 0.760~0.890 0.890~1.020 1.020~1.150
A 0.015~0.020 AA          
B 0.020~0.025 AB BB      
C 0.025~0.030 AC BC CC    
D 0.030~0.035   BD CD DD  
E 0.035~0.040     CE DE EE FE
F 0.040~0.050     CF DF EF FF
G 0.050~0.060     CG DG EG FG
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