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Hub Dicing Blade

The HT-YH hub dicing blade was independently developed by Hongtuo using international advanced technology. The diamond cutting blade can effectively prevent different blade, providing customers with a stable dicing operation. According to a customer’s individual requirements, we can offer professional designs for these cutting saw blades. Before designing however, please provide the relevant parameters about materials, dicing speed, spindle speed, quality requirements, dicing depth and all other related information.

1. In comparison to dicing blades with a thickness of less than 60μm, this blade comes with a higher strength and a longer service life.
2. The ultra-thin cut-off wheel features a great chip removal and cooling performance.
3. Processed using the electroplated dicing blade with a hub, the work piece is burr free.

Applications of the Hub Dicing Blade
This particular type of dicing blade is ideally suited for cutting epoxy resin boards, alloy frame plastic boards, ceramic wafers, composite plates with a sandwich, BGA and more.

1. Series
Hard blade, thick
2. Bond type
A Ultra soft
B Soft
C Hard
D Ultra hard
S Special
3. Blade thickness tolerance
4. Diamond grit
5. Concentration
6. Groove quantity
7. Blade exposure
8. O.D
9. Thickness
10. I.D
11. Angle
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