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Electroplated Hub Blades

    1. Diamond Abrasive Blade

      It is a high-end diamond cutting tool designed using advanced technology and imported equipment. The diamond blade is made using an ultra-thin diamond wheel and a high precision aluminum alloy hub in a one-step molding and electroplating process.

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    1. Hub Dicing BladeThis particular type of dicing blade is ideally suited for cutting epoxy resin boards, alloy frame plastic boards, ceramic wafers, composite plates with a sandwich, BGA and more.

As a professional dicing blade supplier, we offer an extensive range of blades for different dicing processes. The electroplated hub blades are constructed using an ultra-thindiamond blade, and an aluminum alloy hub that provides an enhanced operation efficiency and a stable cutting result. This dicing blade -also known as a cutting wheel--comes in two series for different applications. Each series features a high cutting accuracy and a long service life.