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Metal Sintered Dicing Blades

The HT-RM series metal sintered blade – also called a metal bond blade—is one of our most wear resistant and enduring dicing blades. This diamond tool is sintered from a combination of diamond powders and metal bonds. It comes with excellent form holding characteristics, and an extremely high wear resistance, making it ideal for cutting and slotting of electronic and optical components.

These metal sintered dicing blades have become an ideal dicing cutter for optical glass, ceramics, ferrite and crystals. For more details, please browse the specific product pages or contact us directly. Rest assured that we can provide the right diamond cutting wheel for your needs.

1. Our metal bond dicing blades have exceptional diamond holding capabilities and an extreme wear rate, providing a much longer service life.
2. The great form holing performance enables it to prevent oblique or S-shaped cutting.

Dicing Objects
Optical glass, ceramics, ferrites, crystals and more

1. Series
RM: Metal soft blade
2. Grit size
3. Concentration
4. Groove quantity
5. Bond
A Ultra soft
B Soft
C Hard
D Ultra hard
S Special
6. O.D
7. I.D
8. Thickness

**NOTE: As shown above, we offer clear specifications and select ranges for the HT-RM series metal sintered dicing blades. Due to that, we ask that you provide relevant factors before the purchase.

Related Technical Parameters
O.D Thickness I.D
Size Tolerance Size Standard tolerance High precision tolerance Size Tolerance
50~ 100 +0.02 0.1~≤ 0.15 ±0.005 25.4 30 31.75 40 60 80 88.9 +0.02~ 0
0.15~≤ 0.25 ±0.005 ±0.003
>0.25 ±0.01 ±0.005
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