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Resin Bond Diamond Blades

Hongtuo's HT-RB series resin bond diamond blades are some of the most advanced in diamond grinding technology. They apply a thermosetting resin bond material and inter it with diamond abrasives. This diamond grinding tool features an outstanding flexibility and can greatly improve cutting efficiency.It has become a preferred super abrasive tool for cutting hard, brittle and delicate materials, such as glass and crystalline materials.

1. Theresin bond diamond dicing blade comes with a great self-sharpening performance, which ensures a consistent sharpness and a high cutting efficiency.
2. Resin bonds are extremely flexible, therefore improving the surface finish quality.

This dicing blade is best suited for cutting hard and brittle materials such as quartz and glass.

1. Series
RB: Resin Bond Diamond Blades
2. Bond
A Ultra soft
B Soft
C Hard
D Ultra hard
S Special
3. O.D
4. Thickness
5. I.D
6. Grit size
7. Concentration

Technical Parameters
O.D Thickness I.D
Size Tolerance Size Standard tolerance High precision tolerance Size Tolerance
50~ 100 +0.02 0.1~≤ 0.15 ±0.005 25.4 30 31.75 40 60 80 88.9 +0.02~ 0
0.15~≤ 0.25 ±0.005 ±0.003
>0.25 ±0.01 ±0.005
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