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Blade Dressing Board

As a major dicing blade supplier, Hongtuo offers a wide range of bonded dicing blades, and an equally wide range of blade dressing boards used in different applications. The blade dressing board is made from premium resin and multiple abrasives using a sintering process. It has become an indispensable dicing accessory used in the sharpening and dressing of dicing blades.

For new dicing blades that have yet to be used, a dressing board is sued to correct the blade shape and sharpen it before the slicing process in order to improve the working accuracy. For blades that have been used for an extended period of time, the blade dressing tool is used to dress them at regular intervals to keep the blade sharp.

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1. The dicing blade dressing board has a long service life, and can be customized for different sizes according to customer requirements.
2. It ensures a superb dressing effect. To be more specific, the diamond particles on the blade surface will be exposed after the dressing, making the blade sharper for cutting, and ensuring the quality of the dicing.
3. The dressing board for the dicing blade is easy to operate and the quantity of the dressing is easy to control.

**Note: It is necessary to choose appropriate dressing boards for different blades. One board for multiple blades should be avoided.

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