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Industry We Serve

Hongtuo's diamond and CBN honing, grinding, dicing and dressing products are widely used across a broad range of industries, including automobile manufacturing, compressors, mining machinery, and photoelectric industries for machining various parts.

  • Automobile Industry

  • Along with the increasing development of the automobile industry, industrial machining tools with high precision, efficiency and long service life have also become a huge need for growing manufacturers. For example, super abrasive honing stones and diamond or CBN grinding wheels have been widely used in the production of highly accurate and large production batches of automobile parts such as fuel pumps and nozzles, cylinder sleeves, camshafts, crankshafts and more.

    According to the specific needs of customers within the automobile industry, Hongtuo can offer a complete line of honing stones and grinding wheel solutions.

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  • Compressor Industry

  • Air conditioners and refrigerators are common household electrical appliances in people’s daily lives. For both production and maintenance, compressors are widely used. Some parts of rotary vanes and piston compressors, such as stators, axle holes, bore holes and other parts need to be finished usinghoning tools and grinding wheels before they are technically accepted.

    Hongtuo's honing stones and vitrified bond CBN grinding wheels are ideal for processing the above mentioned compressor parts. They are popular among AC compressor manufacturers, including Donper, LG, Baixue, and Jiaxipera.

    Additionally, our multi-stone honing tools for vertical honing machines are widely used in AC compressor companies such as Gree, Midea, and Haier.

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  • Mining Machinery Industry

  • The majority of parts in machines used in the mining industry need to be processed using honing or grinding tools to improve the precision, overall performance and compatibility. Based on customer requirements and our own advantages, Hongtuo has developed the two stage honing head equipped with a pneumatic gauge for mining machinery. This multi-stick honing tool comes with a diameter of 380mm and can help customers improve the precision and efficiency of the mining machinery.
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  • Photoelectric Industry

  • Dicing blades that Hongtuo manufactures can be used within the photoelectric industry for manufacturing hard, brittle and delicate materials such as semi-conductor silicon wafers, solar silicon wafers, PCD, diamond tools, CBN, cemented carbide, structural ceramics and quartz.

    To improve the product quality of these diamond dicing blades and cutting wheels, we brought in advanced electroplating production equipment and technology from the German Trenker Company in 2009. This is primarily used to produce ultra-thin cutting discs in a thickness of 0.02-0.08mm and is used for dicing silicon wafers and circuit boards within the electronic industry.

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