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Partner Examples

Hongtuo has been producing and distributing diamond and CBN super abrasives for 15 years. Our honing tools and grinding wheels have become popular and earned increasing recognition among our customers. We thrive on the trust and orders of our customers.

  • Honing Tool

  • Hongtuo has established long term partnerships with numerous domestic and overseas customers, and has provided them with efficient diamond or CBN cutting tools. Customers such as Henan ZYNP Corporation of China have chosen Hongtuo honing tools as the best replacement over imported products.

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  • Grinding Wheel

  • 1. Grinding Wheels Matched with TOYOMATIC Grinding Machine

    Customer: AC Compressor Manufacturer
    Work piece: Upper and lower flanges of compressor
    Work piece material: Powder metallurgy
    Hardness: over HRC35
    Grinding machine: TOYOMATIC
    Machining allowance: 0.6mm
    Roughness requirement: Ra<0.25
    Circular degree: <0.003
    Grinding wheel size: Ø10.15×20×Ø6
    Speed: 15 seconds/piece
    Frequency: 35 pieces per time
    Life time: 3500 pieces per grinding wheel

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