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Necessary Information for Choosing Grinding Wheels

The requirements for choosing the right grinding wheel for user’s grinding machines and work pieces determine the shape and dimension of the grinding wheels that will be chosen. When designing diamond and CBN wheels, we refer to a standard shape and dimension table. For those with questions about how to choose abrasive wheels, please contact us directly, so that we may assist you in choosing the product most suited for your needs, as quickly as possible.

Technical Data needed to be provided when choosing a new grinding wheel:
1. Work piece material, trademark and hardness
2. Work piece surface roughness
3. Grinding machine model
4. Grinding wheel linear speed
5. Cutting depth (μm/stroke)
6. Grinding allowance (mm)
7. Cooling methods (dry/wet grinding)
8. Dressing methods (roller/diamond pen)

Grinding Objects and Materials

1. Vitrified Bond CBN Grinding Wheel
Hard and pliable materials such as high-vanadium steel, die steel, hardened steel, cast iron, chilled cast-iron, nickel plated chromium cast iron, eutectic alloy cast iron, and titanium alloy.

2. Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel
Hard and brittle materials such as cemented carbide, optical glass, semi-conductor materials, magnetic materials, agate, crystals and others.

3. Vitrified Bond Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheel
Cast iron, cast steel, neodymium iron boron and more.