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Quality Control

For a long time, Hongtuo has held to the 5S management system and has adhered to the spirit of 6Sigma and Lean Production management philosophies. According to actual conditions, we have formed a set of advanced quality management systems for the production of super abrasive products, including honing tools, diamond and CBN grinding wheels, dicing blades and accessories.

For process control, we arrange production plans and control production quantity, as well as the traceability of the partially finished products using a technological process. During production, the staff must complete product quality tests and mutual inspection between processes, as well as cooperating with quality inspectors.

To ensure the long term stability and continuous improvement of product quality, we have reinforced quality control and supervision, and enhanced quality awareness and the responsibility of our quality inspectors, workers, shift leaders and workshop managers.

1. The team must strictly implement the regulations for technical operations, ensure efficient production, maintain a healthy environment and improve the product quality.
2. They must organize the workshop staff so every staff member knows how to operate the technology and propose questions about major quality problems for discussion.
3. Staff members must analyze existing quality problems and accidents and relay them onto the related departments.
4. Finally, they must undertake the main responsibilities for unqualified products that have been sent to the next production process.

Relevant Certificates
  • ISO9001: 2008
  • Honored as the Best Supplier in 2010 to Shanghai Eaton Engine Components Company Ltd.
  • Export Product Quality Permit